Cause they fold flat and fit in your pocket! And for teachers- a whole class-worth of planes fits in a shoebox til the next aerodynamics lesson!


'Cause they're FULLY ASSEMBLED, Out of the box! All you do is click 'em together and FLY!


Aero Aerodynamics are simple and easy to understand. A fun and informative Operation Manual comes with your plane, so you know what makes them fly.


Aero Pocket Planes come from the original design of Flexings in the 1960s; Flexwings used a fabric for a single surface wing. MAKER TOYS made Rigid/Flexwings, with our cambered surfaces forming airfoils, with an upper and a lower surface to our wings. This allows us to control airflow and adjust for smooth flight, using shuttlecock stability and a low aspect ratio, lifting body aerodynamic shape, common to most paper airplanes. What sets Aero Pocket Planes apart is our dynamic, ajustable leading edge that controls lift, drag, roll, bank and yaw. See the comparison below to see how flexibility is built into the Aero design.


You'll be AMAZED! Aero Pocket Planes fly like no paper airplane you've ever flown...and you can adjust for every flight! Everything you see here comes with your Aero plane- when you get it, you can read and learn and, maybe have some fun at the same time!

They're made of WHAT?

You have a choice. Paper or Plastic. Paper can tear, wrinkle from water, droplets on grass, oceans, lakes, puddles. Those are the enemies of the paper airplane. Our Plastic version, however, sneers at those moisture issues (mostly) as it's water RESISTANT; (not water proof). How can that be, you ask?


We use a SPECIAL, VERY EXPENSIVE paper... inner and outer-laminated plastic paper. It's made for making maps and documents where permanence is important, especially in the elements of the outdoors or spills. Paper Tyger is made in the USA. We have to ship it to us in Philippines, make it into planes and then ship it to you. So; it's not cheap. One smart way to do it is to have mostly paper planes, and just a few Paper Tyger planes, like where the teacher gets plastic and kids get paper. It's more affordable. Our new Paper PocketPlanes are made affordable for all kids, everywhere. Not everybody can have an expensive paper airplane. But, now, you can. It's up to you. We make both.

Decisions, decisions.


It’s really all about price, isn’t it? That’s okay. Cause it’s really the same plane, it has to do with how you plan to use it.

Teaching a class of kids? Going hiking and wanna do something fun when you get there? Going to the ocean or swimming hole?  We make both, and they’re both great flying planes. And; in the end, environmentally speaking; both have their place in the world, don’t they? So, we’re meeting needs of an environmentally friendly future, and meeting needs of harsh environmental uses of die-hard toy-flying people. The decision is yours..)




It's your choice. Same great plane, whether it's our inexpensive environmental PAPER, or our super-durable, tear-proof, water-resistant PLASTIC! The difference is just price. The planes are the same.


Graphics. What's it look like? What image? Cartoons? Serious Art? Images of planes in a Museum's collection? Cool stripes that show airflow? Cool pictures of YOU? What? Well, guess what? WE CAN PRINT ANYTHING ON OUR AERO PAPER POCKET PLANES!!! So, now you can fly a dollar bill; or a P-38; or your favorite family member. No problem, we'll do it for you. Of course, it'll be integrated with our copyrighted Aero graphics, but that just makes it look even cooler. And, of course, we get to be judicious about what goes on our planes, but that'll be okay too. Have a look at a few pics below. Use the contact button and tell us what you want on your planes. It'll be a blast..)

Go to the MAKERTOYS store?

Here’s where you can see what’s available online. Our planes in Museums are there for their stores only; here you can get only what we make to sell here, online. Remember, we can make YOUR PLANES, with your graphics, for YOU! (minimum and minor charges are shown as necessary for us to stop production to get your order in…) Our Store is where to look and contact us, especially for volume discounts too.