Aeronautics education, made by NASA, brought to you by MAKER TOYS.

So you can LEARN and have FUN at the same time…)

So; What's it about?

How airplanes fly.

How NASA designs airplanes.

A.R.M. (Aeronautics Reference Material)

Aero CD has its own Glossary of Aeronautics terms, a History of Aeronautic achievements; a Hangar of cool planes with videos you haven't seen, cool features and pics.

How we made it easy to use.

NASA Ames had made a CD for teachers of grades 5 through 8, as resource material. The material was great, accurate, intuitive and informative; but how to find info in the HUGE disc was hard to do. We made it easy to find. A team of eleven talented guys and girls worked on our version of Exploring Aeronautics. It took four years to make it work; partly due to competition between Microsoft and Apple; Media Player and Quicktime; then later Flash, Director and now HTML5 will be our future for this material. It's been while; a roller coaster of events; thankfully, airplanes still fly forthe same reasons, designing them has improved but basics are still the samestill same. our Aero CD efforts are still the most viable resource for learning and teaching aeronautics you'll find anywhere in the world!

E.A.A. is another partner.

Knowing the Experimental Aircraft Association had great interest in educating youth through their Young Eagles program, we met several times discussing how to implement EAA into our AeroCD. The result was making a "TEACHING LEADER", to guide a self-educating person to the most valuable parts of the AeroCD. The image above shows NASA AMES' "image-only" format, and our MAKER TOYS/EAA format, providing two separate ways of acessing the same great material on the AeroCD. Our way is a bit more direct and simpler, Ames' way maybe a bit more "exploring" and "fun", but there's "fun" in getting where you want to go, too; our Teaching Leader takes you where you want to be, right away.


Besides the Teaching Leader, a way to find "cool stuff" fast, especially cool graphics and interactive images led to the making of a 'COOLSTUFF' section. Here's what it looks like. You decide what image you see in a gallery; click that image; see a few second movie on it, then click in the movie to be whisked away to that information on the AeroCD. It works great. There's enough in that section alone to keep you busy for hours. A teacher can save 20 hours of a learning curve, using our AeroCD. (That's what a teacher at Smithsonian Institution told us. We believe her.)

What's next?

Watch for AeroCD lessons we'll be putting online. You can take a lesson at a time, take a quiz, see what you've learned, right here on